Learn to play your favourite songs on a

beautiful instrument!

A creative outlet for all ages and abilities.

Guitar Lessons are taught by Ryan who caters each lesson to the students' needs. 

We like to help students reach their music goals - whether it be though Classical or Jazz guitar, AMEB grades, or even a pop song you heard on the radio you would like to learn! In any case, we love sharing our passion for music with our students!

Learning guitar opens up a lot of options in terms of playing with other people. It is an important instrument to learn as it can adapt to different styles of music and in group settings too. Whether you would like to play on your own or in a band, we can help you on your musical journey!

Now that we are offering Jazz Band, it would be the ultimate musical experience to combine guitar lessons with our band lessons available. 

We love offering guitar lessons to students of all ages and abilities!


Kensington NSW


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