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All intermediate students welcome!

Jazz Band is a great after school opportunity for High School students!


Not only will they have have fun meeting new friends and jamming to jazz music, they will also see the benefits of playing in a band. These musicians will learn how to strengthen their aural skills so they are able to thrive in an ensemble situation. Performance situations will allow their confidence to improve and their practice habits will definitely increase! 


It has been said that practicing an instrument can be lonely - but it doesn't have to be! This way, our musicians are able to test out their skills and knowledge together in a warm and friendly environment.

Jazz Band welcomes intermediate/advanced students who can play the following instruments:

  • Piano & Keyboard

  • Drums

  • Guitar

  • Voice

  • Percussion

Jazz Band was created with the intention that students could swap instruments for different songs if they wanted to. This way students can have the full experience of being in a band as they learn the basics of other instruments, but also create high quality music with their strong musical backgrounds. All students will have the opportunity to learn a rock beat on drums, play chords on guitar or use their voice, so their knowledge of instruments and musical ability is always improving. And if they prefer to stick with their own instrument that's fine too!

Jazz Band is perfect for any High School students looking to play music they love in a social setting. 

No audition necessary - all intermediate/advanced students are welcome!

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