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Learn your sharps and flats easily!


This easy-on-the-eyes printable will have you learning your sharps and flats in no time.


Keep it on your music stand next to your sheet music as you get the hang of your instrument!


This product is a digital download for immediate access and ease of use.


Learn how to play your black notes!

  • 4 page digital download explaining sharps, flats and naturals:
    • What does this symbol mean?
    • What does it look like on my music?
    • What notes should I be playing?


This is perfect if you:

  • Are a teacher looking for a colourful and vibrant way to teach
  • Are a student looking to supplement your lesson material
  • Are at home trying to figure out how to play your favourite songs without having lessons


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Sharps, Flats & Naturals Printable

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