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Learn how to play your scales easily!


Do all those piano scales confuse you? There are so many to remember, and each one is different.


Visual Scales are a game changer - learn faster without reading off a stave!


This easy, user-friendly 28 page printable on Major and Harmonic Minor scales will have you mastering your technique in no time.


28 page digital download:

  • 1x Introduction page
  • 12 x Major Scales (white and black note scales)
  • 12 x Harmonic Minor Scales (white and black note scales)
  • 3x Summary Pages


- Finger numbers included for each scale

- Summary sheets fantastic for reference

- Checkboxes to keep track of progress


This product is a digital download for immediate access and ease of use. 


This is perfect if you:

  • Are a student looking to supplement your lesson material
  • Are a teacher looking for a colourful and vibrant way to teach Lines & Spaces
  • Are at home trying to figure out how to play your favourite songs without having lessons


Thanks for stopping by!

Visual Scales Printable

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